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We seek to see families discipled and the Gospel advanced in the 48214 through sports. MACC Sports is a community-focused sports program that strives to balance high-quality sports instruction with Gospel-centered character-growth and teaching.

MACC Sports League

Sports provide a strong opportunity to build relationships with children and their parents. Furthermore, the role a coach plays in a child’s life can be one of tremendous impact. Our desire is to use this platform to lead our youth towards Christ and to instill our athletes with a strong work ethic, discipline, and respect. Our coaches use a biblio-centric curriculum to ensure that the gospel is communicated clearly.  MACC Sports offers volunteer-led athletic leagues played at Pingree Park, a local park at the center of the 48214′s north-of-Mack-Avenue neighborhood. The league includes: full uniforms; team photographs: Christ-centered volunteer coaches, quality drills and skill improvement; pre-written gospel curriculum for each practice; high quality play—painted fields, referees for each game, and age appropriate goals; end of season pizza party and Medals Ceremony for all participants and families.

Gospel-Centered Skill Curriculum

MACC Sports’ leadership devoted dozens of hours to crafting original soccer skill curriculum, combined with a gospel lesson, for every practice. Coaches are selected based on age-relevant skill levels as well as for their character and responsibility in leading children.

Field Status

  • Mack Ave. Community Church

    Updated: 08/28/19 10:52PM
    • Upper Level Graphics Court
    • FCA Court
    • MACC Main Court
    • Nursery 2
    • Nursery
  • The Commons

    Updated: 11/29/19 5:48PM
    • Field 1
  • Detroit Prep

    Updated: 01/01/20 3:27PM
    • Field 1
  • Charlotte Mason

    Updated: 02/22/21 12:23AM
    • Field 1
    • Field 2
  • Pingree Park Basketball Court

    Updated: 02/24/21 1:30PM
    • Field 1
    • Field 2
  • Pingree Park

    Updated: 04/15/21 9:14AM
    • Field 1A
    • Field 2A
    • Field 1B
    • Field2B
    • Field 3A
    • Field 3B
    • Football Field 1
    • Football Field 2
    • Football Field 3
  • Balduck Park

    Updated: 04/15/21 11:31AM
    • Field 2A
    • Field 2B
    • Field 3B
    • Field 1B
    • Field 2
    • Field 4A
    • Field 1
    • Field 3
  • Belle Isle Golf Course

    Updated: 09/17/21 12:35PM
    • Field 1
  • Pingree Park Soccer Field

    Updated: 05/15/23 1:14PM
    • Field 1
    • Field 2
  • Pingree Park Van Dykes U6 Fields

    Updated: 08/27/19 10:59PM
    • Van Dykes U6 Field #1
    • Van Dykes U6 Field #2
    • Detroit Lions U15 Field #5
    • Detroit Lions U15 Field #6

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