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Dec, 2019

Former MACC Sports Player Continues to Shine off the court. Meet Shawn Feagin: Player, Coach, Model

MACC Sports desire is to use sports as a platform to lead our youth towards Christ and to instill our athletes with a strong work ethic, discipline, and respect. MACC Sports is so proud to have one of our former athletes to return and serve as an intern and head coach for our soccer and basketball programs.  Shawn Feagin is a former player and current Sports Management Intern that loves the Lord and exhibits all of the values that MACC Sports wants to see in our players. 

Who introduced you to MACC Sports? And what sports did you play?

My big sister introduced me to MACC Sports and I played basketball and soccer for them.

What are some of your fondest memories playing?

I had an awesome time playing for MACC Sports; hanging out with my teammates, laughing, smiling, and having fun playing sports was just exciting for me.

Describe your experience playing and coaching with MACC Sports.

Playing with MACC Sports was a fun experience and coaching hasn’t been hard at all; it’s actually easy if you know what you are doing.  I’m not the type of coach that’s going to yell at the kids because that just adds more stress.  I’m more of the cool, laid back, and chill coach.

Why did you apply for an intern position with MACC Sports?

Since I participated in MACC Sports as a player I basically knew everything about the program so I figured why not apply.  MACC Sports has helped me a lot.  If it wasn’t for this program there’s no telling who I would be today.  I am glad that I applied and I appreciate that I was hired for the position.

What are some long term goals you have?

Being a Fashion Model. I’ve modeled for a few events. On top of being a Fashion Model, I would also like to be a Fashion Designer. I would like to give my clothing back to the community, especially children. My back-up plan is being a police officer.

  What is it about modeling that you are passionate about?

The different styles and the clothing. I’m very particular with  the type of clothing I wear. You know you always have some people that “don’t like your style” but I like doing me.

What is it about being a police officer that drives your passion?

Growing up, I hated the police.  Every time when I saw a cop I would say something smart or just act unusual.  One day I was thinking to myself, why do I even hate the cops? They haven’t done anything to me or my family. At my school, mainly every Thursday we’ll have three police officers at our school. One of the officers, Officer Dorsey, explained and told me something I never thought of. I just hated the bad police because of the things they do. But once he told me what it’s like to be a police officer and the other important facts to the role it made me interested in being a police officer.

 What do you think about the growth of your community? (Pingree park for example)

Huge growth! Growing up as a kid in Detroit, there were no community events going on; just mostly violence.  Around the age of 10 I saw some changes were being made. More activities started occurring; MACC Sports, Greening of Detroit, I mean everything started to change.

 What advice would you offer to young new athletes getting into sports?

Practice hard. You have a long way to go, start young and finish strong.

What kind of spiritual advice would you offer young Athletes?

God will always be with you. Just keep on believing, I promise you, he’ll make things good.

 Are there any players that reminds you of yourself?

Yes, A’Chaundrick Hackworth.  He’s very serious about what he does , always smiling, and sometimes can be very energetic. He’s an awesome athlete.

 What values do you set as a coach for your team? And what was the most rewarding part about being a coach?

Seeing the players smile and communicate. My first day coaching, my players were shy and wasn’t in the mood to play. As soon as I saw their facial expressions, I knew that I could make a change to that. I coached the teens, so I knew it was going to be tricky trying to get them motivated. All I had to do was keep it real and bring happiness to their lives. While coaching, the players told me they saw me as a big brother, not a coach. I stepped out of the coaching position, and stepped into the big brother role and start regaining their happiness.

What lessons would you like your players to learn before the end of each season?

Don’t let anything bring you down. You were brought to this world for a reason. You represent your own company. As long as you keep advertising, you will be a better you.

What would you like to see next soccer season for MACC Sports?

In my honest opinion, nothing. I actually like how everything is running.



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